The Bullshit Button $7

We’re not big on profanity here at the StrangeDeals offices. We have much too much dignity to be walking around, casually dropping F-Bombs like a bunch of sailors. As they say, profanity is the weapon of the witless.

Sometimes though, you just gotta call out bullshit. Pure and simple. You caught a Blue Marlin? Bullshit. You made out with Kim Basinger back in the 80’s? Bullshit.

Now, you can accomplish all of that without sullying yourself with actual vulgarity. Employ electronic vulgarity instead with the Bullshit Button. Available at Amazon for only $7.13, this button emits such direct phrases as “Warning, warning, bullshit alert,” and “Bullshit Level: Defcon Five.” Shipping is free with $25 and there’s no sales tax (except KS, KY, ND, NY, WA).

And, as Mark Twain said, “under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” Go ahead and use that when someone tells you to stop pushing the button.

Posted on June 9, 2010
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