Bottle Opening T-Shirt $20

Sometimes when you’re at a barbecue or a party, some forigner brings along a sixer of beer that can’t be opened with a conventional twist. Then they’ll say something along the lines of, “Jah! Twist heads are all ze kitsch in ze U, S, and A, no?”
This is because foreigners and their beer and their [...]

750ml Wine Glass $12

We drink a lot of wine in the Strange Deals offices. Our manager is French and he forces us to drink it at lunch because it’s ala mode (which means something untranslatable in French, I’m told).
Well, one thing always leads to another and we’re usually quite punchy after our sixth glass.
But why on Earth are [...]

The Disposable Wine Glass, Now With Wine!

Wine is for lovers. Or is that Paris? Whatever. Wine and Paris can both be for lovers.
But what if you don’t have a lover? Accepted establishment thought dictated that you shouldn’t go to Paris and drink a bunch of wine. But that’s all changing with The Disposable Wine Glass, Now With Wine.
This is either brilliant [...]

Seven Deadly Sins Glassware $128

Drinking: what awful thing can’t it accomplish? Someone once quipped it’s “the cause of and solution to all our problems.” Finally, this Seven Deadly Sins Glassware Set can remind us of them every single cocktail hour.
Envy: “Is he drinking better whiskey than me? I hate him.”
Greed: “Hell no, you can’t have a sip. Get your [...]